Guadalajara | Second visit ft. Mexican Carnaval, Lucha Libre, Guachimontones, Snacks and Food list

I realized that I didn't blog about my first trip to Guadalajara. If it was the usual me, I would jump at the chance of blogging a travel post but.. it seems like my laziness has reached a whole new level. I was thinking of writing it now, like what I did with my Europe travel trip blog posts (which I finished not long ago, even though the trip was done back in 2015)... I don't want to squeeze it all in one post, I think it will be too long. And my memories are getting a bit fuzzy, so I won't be writing much stuff anyway since I don't remember them very well. It's always good to write everything down while the memory is still fresh in my mind, as they say.

F R I D A Y // 2 4 F E B 2 0 1 7

So I posted a picture of two pretty ladies sitting in the front seats of a car with the caption "Road trip with friendly strangers.", I'm sure most of my friends thought that I really went to hitch hike with some complete strangers. Well, it's not a complete lie or a complete truth either. 

Joey's 28 Days in Europe | 2 days in Nice

I have also added some useful info in the description on my map. E.g. the opening hours, costs, how to get there or what is recommended to do there. Please fully utilize it!

Is being too independent a bad thing?

This is going to be another long rant post of mine. Just had this thought because I feel like being independent is good but some times, maybe too independent... is not? Well, I guess this is very subjective. Well, I admit, I have thrown myself out there in the world, so with all those experience on hand, I might say I am quite independent. This may affect how I think and how I tend to judge other people. I know I know, it's kind of like hypocrisy. I always ask people not to judge other people, but in reality, I am like the supermarket employee that is always holding a label gun. HAHAHA. It's kind of like I am slapping myself when I am admitting this. Anyway...
Recently, I just feel like the words coming out from my mouth is hurting other people (especially my boyfriend and my close friends). Well, I mean well actually but maybe the way I say it or the words that I have used might be a little offensive... in a way? It's kind of funny, you see, I know I am being offensive right here (I mean after I say it) but I am never the person to filter out pretty words if I am talking to someone I know for a long time. I have a few friends who would straight out tell me when I am crossing the line, I honestly appreciate that because right then and there, I would know to when stop and apologize.