Japan | Kansai | Day 9 & Day 10, Universal Studio Japan and Osaka

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Day 9 // Osaka
/ Universal Studio Japan

Finally, D-Day has come! Universal Studio Japan Osaka! I think this is one of the must go-to place if you are ever in Osaka. Well, at least once I must say. Especially if you are a Harry Potter fan (oh, me me me!)!

I bought my ticket beforehand on Klook, I also bought Express Pass 7 for the three of us so that we would save time, and it did save a lot of our time but unfortunately we did not really took all the rides that was included in the express pass because we were feeling quite nauseated after 2 rides.
Out of all the rides, I would recommend:
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D 
  • Flight of the Hippogriff™ 
  • JAWS 
  • Space Fantasy

There are also a few more hardcore ones which are the Hollywood Dream Backdraft and The Flying Dinosaur. I was hesitating to take them but since both my family members are not big fans of super scary ride like these, I gave them a quick pass also (easier than admitting that I don't like scary rides).

If you are planning to buy the Express Pass, I would advise you to check your Express pass ticket properly as there are a few rides that will only let you use the Express Pass in a certain timing which is written on the fine print. Unfortunately, the ticket will be in Japanese, so you might need some help from Klook for the translation. It will look like this:

As for me, I know how to read some Hiragana and Katakana, so I kind of guess the rides name. Learning a new language comes in handy from time to time.

Japan | Kansai | Day 7 & 8, Koyasan, Arima Town, and Kobe

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Day 7 // Koyasan
/ Kongobuji
/ Kondo Hall
/ Daimon Gate
/ Okunoin
/ Torodo Lantern Hall
/ Shinsaibashi for dinner

Japan | Kansai | Day 6, Osaka Kaiyukan & Namba

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Day 6 // Osaka 
/ Kaiyukan
/ Namba

I know, it's a particularly short day cause we spent quite awhile in the Kaiyukan. I think if I were alone, I could have stayed longer, just to stare at the whale sharks as this does not get to happen everyday. We also got some shopping done at night at Don Quijote in Namba. 

I think this was the best OOTD I wore during my stay there. I got a new *fashionable* shoes (cause my sneakers were killing me, and it got my bunion worse, so bought a roomier one to lessen the pain). And my outfit matches my coat (which I wore every single damn day). 

Japan | Kansai | Day 5, Nara

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Day 5 // 24 Nov 17 // Nara

/ Nara park 
/ Todaiji
/ 水谷茶屋 (teahouse serving sweets)

Saying goodbye to Monzy at the train station. All of us checked in and out on the same day, what a coincidence. We lug around our luggage to Nara while Monzy to Tokyo. 

Japan | Kansai | Day 3 & 4, Arashiyama and Kibune

/ Arashiyama
/ Iwatayama Monkey Park
/ Owl forest zoo
/ Bamboo Grove
/ Okochi Sanso Garden
/ Gion for dinner
/ Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji Night Illumination